I'm so angry with the new Holmes film. Sorry, Robert Downey Jr, I know I said I would never hate you whatever you did but this is too much. I've been known to accept a few bending of the rules with the Sherlockian canon: I love Young Sherlock Holmes and the old movies; I own more than a couple of Holmes novels based on Arthur Conan Doyle's work but written by other authors (yeah, more or less published fanfic from before the internet existed. Isn't that cool?). But this? This has gone too far. With the action filled scenes and teh pretty, the nakedness, the Robert-you-are-half-a-metre-too-short-for-the-part and the over acted dialogue scenes. Has no one at Hollywood heard of the books, even remotely, or listened to Clive Merrison's audios or watched Jeremy Brett's series? I'm sure they haven't. THAT'S WHY THEY FAIL SO HARD.

Gosh, I could scream.

After the rant, if you'll excuse me, I fell asleep last night and missed a) chat with friend living abroad (ooops, was her birthday, too) and b) Ashes to Ashes (gasp! OMG!) so now I need to catch up.

One last thing before I go. Please tell me how to get this song/video out of my head, I beg you! I love Kids in the Hall but I can't live like this, watching it over and over, singing it constantly, giggling every time someone is called David -they all have their own hands but they come from different mums- I'm in hell and it's their fault:

Why did they have to be so funny? I even had to put it as a ringtone on my phone (as a substitute of the Peter Cushing lives in Whitstable QI hit). Bastards...
Well, [personal profile] zauberer_sirin you were absolutely right, Aubrey/Maturin can cheer up the blackest souls, certainly did with mine. Especially if it's accompanied by the lovely bunch at [community profile] mandc_watch. Here I was, thinking the AOS fandom had disappeared from the face of the interntet. Fortunately it is not so.

*waves at new friends*

*is absurdly happy*

In fact, I'm considerably contented at the amount of slash around, these days. There's the new possibilities arisen from the Star Trek movie (sadly, not much Kirk/Spock which has always been my main TOS ship, and always will be, but go and take a look at the new [community profile] kirk_mccoy community in all its glory). There's also the ever blooming Marlin/Arthur (I'm seriously obsessed with this one, I tell you) and new hints at a Harry/Draco revival as the Potter movie approaches.

Off to supper, now, and then tiramisu. Mmmmm...

Today is Sant Jordi! Go out, buy books and roses for your loved ones and be as cool as we Catalans for one day.

Going to try to go to Barcelona, now. Wish me luck!
I can't tell you how brilliant, beautiful and funny the last episode of Free Agents was and how much I squeed and cried but I can show you this thing I was compelled to make:

Do you feel a Free Agents picspam coming? I do.

Also, do you know who would kill for this coat (and all her wardrobe, really)?


Fuck, I hope they do a second series...
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( Mar. 18th, 2009 09:35 am)

You guessed it! It's Prince Prat's bathtime! )

Anyway, it took me a few hours but drawing is one of those things that gives me pleasure without any pressure because, even though I enjoy it, I know I'll never be good at it. In fact, even in its ugliness, I have grown so fond of it I might even post it around. And probably draw Arthur, too.

Let's see.

*ducks to avoid rotten fruit*

*sticks tongue*

P.S. Yes, this silliness might have something to do with the fact that I went outside, yesterday. Even took some pictures. I will post them later if I'm not too busy drawing blond princes.
I still have a few comments to answer but before that and in case you haven't seen it... A SNOG!

If you are planning to watch the F series of QI: LOOK AWAY! If you don't, well, I'm sure you will after seeing this.

Meanwhile I'm still frustrated for not being able to buy proper, beautiful yarns for all the projects I want to start while desperately trying to find a pattern which would somehow embellish the nicely coloured but rather stiff six balls of green acrylic yarn mum bought me for Christmas (good intentions but, kids, never buy yarn if you don't know much about it). I had to discard the bag I had planned for it because it wasn't going well and the result was quite ugly. I'm considering this bolero right now but I'm not sure I want to knit my first shaped clothing pattern with the trickiest, less comfortable yarn in the world, either.

And just to make it all even more random Merlin!Sims Preview - you know you want to- Meet the Main Characters )
Watching Harry Potter films on tv seems to have become a Christmas tradition, now. The dubbing is terrible (both in Spanish and Catalan) but it's nonetheless fun. Not as much fun as Doctor Who last night, though. Apparently, snow + steampunk + David Morrisey = JOY! Especially when David Tennant and David Morrisey have such an astonishing chemistry going on. There were so many sparkles in my screen that I thought I had forgotten to clean my glasses. But no, it was the sex emanating from those two. Quite nice. It's weird how I seem to be growning fond of Rusty now that his era is coming to an end. I have the feeling I'll miss him (especially if His Royal Terrible Actor Patterson Joseph gets to be Eleven).

Also watched Crooked House, last night. Rather daft ghost stories but still entertaining. And had Julian Rhind-Tutt in a wig, pregnant Daniela Denby-Ashe, and Lee Ingleby whom I adore.

I'll go back to enjoy the wonderful Beatrix Potter's biography Linda Lear wrote read by Lindsay Duncan at BBC7, now, but I'll leave you with some slightly belated Holiday wishes from our favourite Prince and his very loyal and magical boyfriend manservant.

Too much time in my hands, I know.
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( Dec. 24th, 2008 08:08 pm)

Bones Festes/ Happy Holidays to you all!

You can't imagine how much I laughed with the Mock the Week Christmas Special. It was hysterical. Frankie was leading the Daleks while they exterminated Dara and Russell just before the latter was sucked into a black Hole in Switzerland; Dara and Russell confessed their love; Hugh almost made Frankie cry; Dara couldn't be arsed to introduce a round; Frankie raped Santa and killed some pandas; Michael McIntyre came into Boris Johnson; Andy Parsons had a disappointing start and I was rolling on the floor during the whole thing.

All hail the comedy Gods.

Also, reeeeeeeally enjoyed the Christmas Qi, although in quite a different way. Was very glad to see the show back on its brilliant tracks after the rather insufficient Children in Need special and loved Alan in a hat, Rob Brydon's cheek and Stephen Fry's naughty bits.

Will probably leave the new Lark Rise to Candleford episode for tomorrow night, although I saw the fist five minutes yesterday and... well, I can only say I have missed it so very much! It's such a feel-good series that I'm sure it'll lift my spirits tomorrow even with the miserably Dickensian Christmas we are having, this year.

Oh, got some more cards, yesterday, too! That'd brighten anyone's day and Mrs Scrooge is no exception. [profile] electracine, [profile] alioli, [profile] sarie_gamgee: you are all too good for words. Thank you! :***