Well, [personal profile] zauberer_sirin you were absolutely right, Aubrey/Maturin can cheer up the blackest souls, certainly did with mine. Especially if it's accompanied by the lovely bunch at [community profile] mandc_watch. Here I was, thinking the AOS fandom had disappeared from the face of the interntet. Fortunately it is not so.

*waves at new friends*

*is absurdly happy*

In fact, I'm considerably contented at the amount of slash around, these days. There's the new possibilities arisen from the Star Trek movie (sadly, not much Kirk/Spock which has always been my main TOS ship, and always will be, but go and take a look at the new [community profile] kirk_mccoy community in all its glory). There's also the ever blooming Marlin/Arthur (I'm seriously obsessed with this one, I tell you) and new hints at a Harry/Draco revival as the Potter movie approaches.

Off to supper, now, and then tiramisu. Mmmmm...


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