I still have a few comments to answer but before that and in case you haven't seen it... A SNOG!

If you are planning to watch the F series of QI: LOOK AWAY! If you don't, well, I'm sure you will after seeing this.

Meanwhile I'm still frustrated for not being able to buy proper, beautiful yarns for all the projects I want to start while desperately trying to find a pattern which would somehow embellish the nicely coloured but rather stiff six balls of green acrylic yarn mum bought me for Christmas (good intentions but, kids, never buy yarn if you don't know much about it). I had to discard the bag I had planned for it because it wasn't going well and the result was quite ugly. I'm considering this bolero right now but I'm not sure I want to knit my first shaped clothing pattern with the trickiest, less comfortable yarn in the world, either.

And just to make it all even more random Merlin!Sims Preview - you know you want to- Meet the Main Characters )


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