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Birthdate:Sep 15
Location:Barcelona, Spain

by Edward Gorey


I'm moody, shy, short-sighted, sarcastic, neurotic, romantic, inopportune, lazy, caotic, stern, Catalan, reclusive, independent, whiny, random...

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I live with a cat. My life is boring. I'm a bit of a bookworm. I study History in a highly discontinuous way. I wish I could write. I don't understand the world and don't know what to do with my life, yet (probably never will). Everything scares me. I wear silly hats. I bake cakes. I'm determined to learn to knit. I love dolls. I don't eat animals (I bet they wouldn't eat me, either).

V is for the Viewer of my User Info,
Who died of Boredom.


Any BBC Period Drama that comes into my hands and each and every Brit panel show in existence. Also: Free Agents, Black Books, Ashes to Ashes, Dead Like Me, Merlin, Dexter, QI, Pushing Daisies, Green Wing, Life on Mars, Doctor Who, Spaced, The Sarah Jane Adventures, State of Play, Jonathan Creek...

All Time Favourites: Northern Exposure, Star Trek TNG, Monty Python's Flying Circus, Red Dwarf, Blackadder and Freaks and Geeks.


Victorian Novels; early 2Oth Century short story writers; biographies; the Aubrey/Maturin series, the Hornblower novels and everything remotely related to the late 18th/early 19th Century British Navy; Harry Potter (although sometimes it stinks, IMHO); any kind of poetry and anything that smells like a classic.

Interests (150):

19th century, adrian tomine, alela diane, american splendor, animal rights, anne elliot, arnold rimmer, ashes to ashes, autumn, bad knitting, baroque, bbc, bill bailey, black books, blackadder, books, brideshead revisited, british actors, brontë sisters, buffalo 66, cabbage patch kids, captain wentworth, cat power, català, cats, children books, chocolate, christopher eccleston, cicely alaska, cravats, daniel clowes, daria, daydreaming, devdas, doctor who, dolls, dorothy parker, edgar allan poe, edward gorey, edward hooper, edward lear, elizabeth barret browning, elizabeth i, emily dickinson, fargo, frankenstein, frankie boyle, freaks and geeks, free agents, futile writing, gene hunt, george eliot, ghost world, graphic novels, green wing, harry potter, harry/draco, henry purcell, history, hornblower, illustrators, james cagney, james joyce, james tissot, jane austen, jane eyre, josephine foster, kant, kevin eldon, labyrinth, lewis carroll, libraries, life on mars, literature, little shop of horrors, little women, london, luna lovegood, maggie smith, martha wainwright, mary poppins, mary reilly, mary wollstonecraft, master and commander, merlin, merlin/arthur, middlemarch, mock the week, monty python, mr darcy, mr thornton, museums, musicals, neville longbottom, north and south, northern exposure, old movies, our mutual friend, paper dolls, patti smith, paul mcgann, peanuts, period dramas, persuasion, peter pan, philip glenister, poetry, punch-drunk love, pushing daisies, qi, reading, reclusive life, red dwarf, regency, rent, richard iii, roald dahl, rocky horror picture show, sarcasm, schubert, severus snape, sherlock holmes, sleeping, solitude, spaced, spock, star trek, stephen rea, steve buscemi, strawberry shortcake, sylvia plath, tamara lempicka, tea, terry gilliam, terry jones, the breakfast club, the delgados, the sound of music, the young ones, theater, thomas hardy, tim roth, toys, vegetarianism, victoria & albert, victorian era, victorian literature, virginia woolf, welcome to the dollhouse, william shakespeare
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