I'm so angry with the new Holmes film. Sorry, Robert Downey Jr, I know I said I would never hate you whatever you did but this is too much. I've been known to accept a few bending of the rules with the Sherlockian canon: I love Young Sherlock Holmes and the old movies; I own more than a couple of Holmes novels based on Arthur Conan Doyle's work but written by other authors (yeah, more or less published fanfic from before the internet existed. Isn't that cool?). But this? This has gone too far. With the action filled scenes and teh pretty, the nakedness, the Robert-you-are-half-a-metre-too-short-for-the-part and the over acted dialogue scenes. Has no one at Hollywood heard of the books, even remotely, or listened to Clive Merrison's audios or watched Jeremy Brett's series? I'm sure they haven't. THAT'S WHY THEY FAIL SO HARD.

Gosh, I could scream.

After the rant, if you'll excuse me, I fell asleep last night and missed a) chat with friend living abroad (ooops, was her birthday, too) and b) Ashes to Ashes (gasp! OMG!) so now I need to catch up.

One last thing before I go. Please tell me how to get this song/video out of my head, I beg you! I love Kids in the Hall but I can't live like this, watching it over and over, singing it constantly, giggling every time someone is called David -they all have their own hands but they come from different mums- I'm in hell and it's their fault:

Why did they have to be so funny? I even had to put it as a ringtone on my phone (as a substitute of the Peter Cushing lives in Whitstable QI hit). Bastards...


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