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([personal profile] ninadedrap Jun. 25th, 2009 05:08 pm)
Just 10 minutes of free internet at our rather nice town's library left, enough to say "hi! I just read back 2 weeks of f-list entries and although my head is about to explode I'm happy to see you all seem to be doing fine"


I'm ok, bit frustrated and still computer-less, but holding up.

Looked up English Exam result: got 98%. Nice to see my subconscious mind still knows how to write and has a hold on my cognitive processes because I can't remember anything I did that day, apart from meeting C. Also, lol at the examiners in the oral & writing tests for giving me full marks despite the sillyness, the fanfic, the Spain bashing and the Scotland love.

In the computer front, as I thought, motherboard is dead. Will call later to give permission to repair it, even if it will cost 160€ which I will have to pay by credit from my card, which is something I never do because I'd rather starve than face debt. But I must think of Mock the Week in less than 2 weeks and my rather bad Aubrey/Maturin deprivation. If I had not had such a history of disaster with my clumsy fingers of doom I'd probably try and replace the bitch and reinstall Windows myself (my geek levels reached "Critical" and, yes, I know how to do it) but I've proven in several occasions that my hands can't be trusted with delicate matters beyond baking or knitting.

So that's it. Oh, no, wait. Also wanted to say than I'm available for meeting people again, so, if you want to have a tea and a chat, just give me a ring or drop me a line.

If all goes well I'll be back soon. In the meantime: be good!
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