I know that, by the rules of the TV Addict Guide, I should be watching Torchwood but I can't really bring myself to care. Not even for John Barrowman or Eve Myles. Instead, I've entirely dedicated my fangirl time to randomly shout OMG!MOCK THE WEEK IS BAAAACK! (and YESSSS, FRANKIE HAS HIS BEARD ON! XD) and watching backstage stuff for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, The Movie.

I wonder why, after how much I hated the book, I am so excited about the film. Apart from the actors (Gambon? Maggie Smith? Alan Rickman? Yes, please!), I believe it's because it brings back the thrill and anticipation of my first years in the fandom (in Fandom in general because it was the first one I was involved in). I've also to admit that, even though looking coldly at it Harry Potter generally sucks, I'm still fascinated by the world and the characters, much as a child would. It's the costumes, the sets, the magic... like Disneyland but less cheap and prefabricated. Hope I can make it to a cinema where the film plays in the original version on Wednesday. Now that I think of it, I seem to remember the last time I went to movies it was to see The Order of the Phoenix. How fitting.

BTW, have you seen the promotional trailer for the new adaptation of Emma? Jonny Lee Miller is completely un-Knightley-esque (and rather sad, poor guy) but the rest looks nice (pretty please? We need good costume dramas, BBC! Especially ones with Tamsin Greig on them).

Aw, I miss my 115 icons. LJ's Free accounts suck. :(


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