I'm finally back on track, apparently. Have had my computer for more than a week, now, but I had troubles with the graphics card and the drivers and, in the process of fixing them, a big old screen which weights some good 12 kg fell on my leg. I didn't think much of it at first, but after a couple of days I started having blood circulation problems made worse by the heat and PMS and the blow got worse. In the end, the doctor at the emergency department -who looked A LOT like Robert Picardo (this had me and mum giggling for some minutes)- recommended short walks in the evenings and resting in bed during the day. The swelling and the ugly purple colour have faded considerably, now, and, although it still hurts a bit, I decided it was time for me to sit in front of the computer for more than five minutes on end again and write something here, even though, apart from the injury, there's not much going on.

- I've been employing myself with:

a) My Aubrey-Maturin audiobook listening. I'm with Desolation Island, now.

b) A continued spree of medieval social history readings (if I ever go back to uni, I'll go for medieval stuffs again, even if it means having to master the dreaded paleography) + Charles Darwin: Voyaging which I took from the library and has me completely hooked.

c) A meticulous observation of my neighbour's chickens and ducks (no, I don't live in the country; yes, they are in his back garden).

d) More watching of Star Trek TOS than should be healthy. The life sized Spock behind my door (it was removed a few years ago, even though it had lived there for more than 10 years, and put back in its rightful place last month) is smirking at me. He knows I'm obsessed!

e) German learning mp3 courses (for the lulz, really, because they are meant to be merely an introduction to the language but I have too much fun with them, because they are so weird and unintentionally funny) and Italian grammar workshops.

- Also been trying to avoid:

a) The heat (and failing until yesterday, when the weather turned nice, cold and Irish all of a sudden)

b) The news. With all the José Tomás and bullfighting exaltation shit, the San Fermines, the Catalan politicians being stupid and sucking up to the Spanish government on loop, I got so angry I decided not to turn the tv on at least until August (caved only this afternoon, because an especially Spike centric episode of Buffy was on).

There you go. That's really my average summer, actually, although I must be careful and keep my rate of 2 outings a week (or more) despite the heat if I don't want my agoraphobia to get worse.

P.S. OMG! Mum just brought up [personal profile] sharpiefan's parcel with the Master and Commander OST!

*kisses it and jumps in the seat*

Thank you, my dear, you are a star.
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