Can't sleep. I'm going to have lunch at one of mum's friends house, tomorrow - it might be nice, I actually like the woman, which is rare because I hardly ever like people- but I've never been to the place and my mind is going all Sandy Olsson about it. Typical agoraphobic behaviour. Bad, bad stuff.

Was trying to keep my silly thoughts away and entertain myself by reading TMC until Stephen Motherfucking Maturin got on board of the the Wasp*, Jack got tremendously jealous and I squeed out loud because Wentworth/Maturin is my second favourite Austen/PO'B crossover pairing, after Pullings/Catherine Morland (I'm weird, I know). Then I saw HIGNFY which was without doubt the best of the series so far (maybe I'm biased because I think David Mitchell is too good for his wardrobe) and then George Gently, which wasn't as good as last week, but had lots of Bacchus to compensate. I am now rewatching Very Annie Mary. I can't believe I had not seen this one before! I's so sad and funny at the same time, so musical, loser-centered and so full of gorgeously awkward Rachel Griffiths, it looks as if it had been made on purpose to fit my tastes. And then, of course, it had the added bonus of Ioan Gruffudd singing a song from "Annie Get Your Gun" in all his campy splendour:

P.S. Why is everyone I know going to Scotland this summer? I'm going to cry and pout until I can go, too. I've been wanting to visit Scotland and the north of England since I was 13 and the Industrial Revolution bug bite me in the eye. Not fair.

*Yes, I know, in Persuasion Captain Wentworth gets the Asp which was a sloop and not even a commercial ship but, c'mon, it's only a letter away! And the description of the young captain fits Wentworth at first... Ok, I have no excuse, I'm worst than Louisa Musgrove herself.


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